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BFF Facebook Scandal

Facebook ‘BFF Green Security’ Meme is totally fake !

26 Mar, 2018

The ongoing viral Facebook status ” Type ‘BFF’ in the comment box and check whether your FB account is safe or not. If it turns green, then your account is safe, otherwise, it may be hacked !”, is confirmed a […]

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Delete Facebook Forever from your life

How to delete Facebook account forever ?

12 Mar, 2018

Are you considering about to leave from Facebook forever? And you don’t know how to proceed it, right ? All right, here I am going to take you to a close process of deleting Facebook account. Before moving on to […]

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add facebook chat box in your website

How to add Facebook Messenger Chat Box in the website

28 Dec, 2017

Millions of people use Facebook and its messenger. Facebook messenger is an easy way to chat with each other in real time. Users can directly connect to Facebook messenger via their Facebook login detail. Initially, it used to be a […]

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