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wordpress strengths

3 strengths of wordpress that made it most popular among the competitors

08 Mar, 2019

WordPress is a powerful blogging and website building platform. It has helped many developers to earn and many business person to grow their business as it is one of the best and popular blogging system as well as website building […]

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BFF Facebook Scandal

Facebook ‘BFF Green Security’ Meme is totally fake !

26 Mar, 2018

The ongoing viral Facebook status ” Type ‘BFF’ in the comment box and check whether your FB account is safe or not. If it turns green, then your account is safe, otherwise, it may be hacked !”, is confirmed a […]

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How to clear wordpress cache forcefully ?

08 Feb, 2018

If you are a wordpress developer, I am sure that you have experienced strong wordpress cache. Sometimes it shows old content and design even though you have browsed it using incognito mode. Although wordpress database and files changes have made […]

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systax error or access violation: 1071 specified key was too long

Syntax error or access violation: 1071 specified key was too long on Laravel 5.4 and 5.5 Migration [Solved]

11 Jan, 2018 |

In the documentation of Laravel 5.4 and above version, they have clearly written that they have used “utf8mb4” character set by default in order to support for emojis in the database. They also have informed us that this error occurs […]

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Learning a programming language is never a late

03 Nov, 2017

Before I completed my bachelor level, I used to think that I am dumbest person who does not know how to code. In that time, I was only reading books for exam preparation. After completion of the bachelor level, then […]

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