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pubg mobile on pc

How to play PUBG Mobile on PC

20 May, 2021 |

PUBG mobile is currently the world’s most popular and widely played mobile game available in Play Store and App Store. Its daily active users are about 30 millions, whereas more than 100 millions people have already downloaded the application from […]

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How to add keywords in blogger

15 May, 2021 |

In earlier, keywords used to be the most significant part of SEO(Search Engine Optimization). With the change of the global online market, Google has been improving its search results. As a result, today it does not require adding meta keywords […]

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Delete Facebook Forever from your life

How to delete Facebook account forever ?

12 Mar, 2018

Are you considering about to leave from Facebook forever? And you don’t know how to proceed it, right ? All right, here I am going to take you to a close process of deleting Facebook account. Before moving on to […]

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website protection techniques

How to secure your website from hackers

18 Dec, 2017 |

Hackers are a big problem of world’s web technology. They can collapse your whole business in a minute. However, hacking is not like always what you see in Hollywood movies. It does not always need a great coding knowledge however, […]

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