WordPress is a powerful blogging and website building platform. It has helped many developers to earn and many business person to grow their business as it is one of the best and popular blogging system as well as website building framework built in PHP.

Indeed, wordpress is not only one blogging system, there are many more such as blogger, hubspot, tumbler, medium, joomla etc. But wordpress is in the top among all of them.

Here I am going to describe about 5 strengths of wordpress that made it best among all other blogging platforms.

User Friendly System

Any system is made only to utilize and used for the business or habitual purpose. If that system is so easier and friendly to use, then it means people will be familiar with it faster. Once, if a person find a system easier, then why would anyone want to switch into other and take burden to understand that system. WordPress contains the same matter as its design and system is so easier to use. You don’t need any programming knowledge to use this system and make a web blog using wordpress.

By downloading, uncompressing, copying, pasting, dragging, dropping and uploading, you can build a simple wordpress blog, that will facilitate you to post blogs, new pages, and add images, videos etc.

Theme Development Course
WordPress Custom Theme

If you are the only one who is earning and others are only helping you to earn, then you can not survive for the long time. Because people stop believing you as they have not got any opportunity because the people mostly trust them who help you to earn money. WordPress does the same as it has provided course to build a custom theme. You only need to have knowledge of php, html/css along with javascript. As it is made by php language, the knowledge of php is mandatory to build a custom wordpress theme. Now, there are many custom wordpress development companies around the world. Many of theme only build wordpress theme and sell it online.

By developing theme, developers have got best opportunity to earn money remotely or through job in web company.

Note: wordpress theme development is the easiest one in the comparison with blogger, joomla etc.

WordPress Plugin

Worpress plugins are actually the strongest point of wordpress. WordPress has the facility to add third party plugins in it which makes wordpress theme flexible and it helps to bring more features in a single blog or website built in wordpress.

WordPress plugin development has also been a professional work of many companies. You can find lots of wordpress plugins development companies. Some companies work in specific plugin selling like Woocommerce, Yoast SEO etc. These companies have succeeded to make their monopoly on their market making strong plugin for a specific purpose.