SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, generally termed as making website’s content visible in the front page of the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There are several tips and techniques that you find in internet about the SEO; and many of them are needed for each and every website. However, it does not mean that all the tips must be applied in each and every content.

Today, I am not going to give you lesson about the SEO. I am only going to tell you that somehow you may be wrong in your some considerations. Look out the list of misconceptions that normal people think about seo:-

I am doing SEO for 1 week. So my content must be shown in top of Google. 🙂

The normal people think that they get more visitors and their content are shown in the top of google because they are doing seo. I must say that it is not like what you are thinking. SEO is long term process and hard work. It is being more difficult day by day because of the increasing number of competitions in the market. If you do seo expecting fast result in the limited time, then I think you are not for this field.

Keyword analysis also becomes more important here as those keywords can be brought in the top result of search engine which are less competitive. But it does not mean that competitive keywords should not be on your priority list. Keep calm and do what you need to do, then you will be definitely paid off.

Tips to rank keyword in Google

Normal people think that they can’t do SEO

I have found many people who think that SEO is some kind of great coding and great computer knowledge. Of course, it is difficult but it is not that far difficult what normal people deem. It is easy process anyone can do but s/he must have good internet knowledge, computer knowledge, website knowledge as well as writing knowledge.

My website have got visitors. So I must get business inquiry.

There is no doubt that seo brings more visitors. But it is not required that you must get business inquiry. SEO can be several types. If you are only focusing to increase the number of visitors leaving the real theme of your business, then your incoming visitors may not be searching you. They might be accidentally reached to you.

Before you start SEO on your website, you should not forget what your business offers to the customers. On the other hand, you should not write content unnecessarily out of the context.

Content is king ! 🙁 90% only

I appreciate that content is king but it is not God. I mean to say that good content is most important for SEO, but other elements like backlink, forum post etc, can’t be avoided. A good SEO expert can’t avoid to keyword focus, internal and external links as well as article submission etc.