If you are a wordpress developer, I am sure that you have experienced strong wordpress cache. Sometimes it shows old content and design even though you have browsed it using incognito mode. Although wordpress database and files changes have made already there, you may not see the changes because of the cache. Now you need to clear wordpress cache forcefully.

In fact, wordpress cache helps to load your wordpress website quickly. But sometimes, it becomes evil for business because your customers may need frequent update of your products.

To clear wordpress cache forcefully, you can use plugins. There are several plugins freely available for this purpose. Many recommend W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache. And it is absolutely the right suggestion. These plugins are easy to use, and can be also used for inverse purpose.

Let go through step by step process to clear wordpress cache:

Suppose, you have used W3 Total Cache.

Step 01: Login to the wordpress dashboard.
Step 02: Go to Performance>>Dashboard.
Step 03: Just click on “Empty All Caches”.

Now, it is done. If still you are not seeing the changes, or have any other solution for this, leave a comment below.