In Nepal, Samsung is one of the most popular smartphones among the smartphone users since it comes with price of budget to higher range. It covers about 40% of market share to become no. 1 mobile brand in Nepal. Then only other mobile phones like Xiaomi and Huawei come after it.

In this article, we are going to describe about the models and their prices of the Samsung mobile. So, if you are thinking of buying Samsung mobile, then this article can be very much useful for you.

From 2020, Samsung Nepal has implemented BSP plan i.e Best Selling Price which means the price of the mobile is fixed as displayed in its tag. So, customers won’t get any discounts on it. Hence, the price listed here are also the best available price.

IMS hologram in Samsung Package Box
IMS hologram in Samsung Package Box

Buying from authorized distributor is the best way to get genuine product and best supports on Samsung mobile in case of any problem. And it will also ensure you to get away from fraud.

How many Authorized Distributors of Samsung Mobile are there in Nepal ?

Basically, there are two authorized distributors of Samsung mobile in Nepal:

  • Integrated Mobile Solutions (IMS)
  • HIM Electrics

In order to ensure that you are buying from IMS or HIM Electrics, you can check the hologram of either of them in the package box.

List of the models of Samsung Mobile and their prices in Nepali Market

Samsung Models Prices (In Rupees)
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Rs. 1,09,999
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Rs. 1,29,999
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Rs. 1,54,999
Galaxy Tab A7 WiFi Rs. 27,999
Galaxy M51 Rs 39,999 (6 GB/128 GB) – Rs 43,999 (8 GB/128 GB)
Galaxy Tab A7 T505N Rs. 34,999
Galaxy Z Fold2 Rs. 2,49,999
A01 Rs. 13,499
A21s Rs. 22,499
Galaxy Note20 Rs. 1,09,999
Note 20 Ultra Rs. 1,39,999
Galaxy M21 Rs. 21,999 (4GB/64GB) – Rs. 25,999(6GB/128GB)
Galaxy S20 Ultra Rs. 159,999
Galaxy M31 Rs. 29,999 (6GB/128GB) – Rs. 34,999 (8GB/128GB)
Galaxy S8+ Rs. 79,900
Galaxy A80 Rs. 49,999
Galaxy S9+ Rs. 87,900
Galaxy Note 9 Rs. 99,900
Galaxy S10+ Rs. 105,899
Galaxy S10 Rs. 84,899
Galaxy S20 Rs. 94,999
Galaxy S20+ Rs. 1,04,999
Galaxy M30s Rs. 28,699 (6GB/128GB) – Rs. 24899 (4GB/64GB)
Galaxy A20s Rs. 19,999(3GB/32GB) – Rs. 22000(4GB/64GB)
Galaxy A51 Rs. 39,999
Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Rs. 19,099