The ongoing viral Facebook status ” Type ‘BFF’ in the comment box and check whether your FB account is safe or not. If it turns green, then your account is safe, otherwise, it may be hacked !”, is confirmed a fake news. People have been unnecessarily being convinced with this status believing that Mark Zuckerberg officially announced it.

Of course, this fake scandal rocked the online world as it were shared and posted millions of times. Many Facebook users blindly trusted this scandal and try it writing BFF in comment box.

This meme came to the highlight when Facebook co-founder Mark Zukerberg apologized over accusation of selling private data, Facebook user data to cambridge analytica. Such kind of crazy things have already been happened in previous days, but this time it does not seem to be stopping till date. Users people as if their account is not secured and they started following such a insane news.

If you are using most recent version of Facebook apps, you can see green colored text when you type BFF, but if you are using old version, you can’t.

What exactly the green color text in Facebook is ?

It is actually text delight animation developed by Facebook. BFF actually means best friends. When someone writes it to the comments or post, it automatically appears to green colored. Likewise, when you type “you are the best”, it activates a flying star.

Click here to get a list of text here that activates Facebook text delight animation.