Are you considering about to leave from Facebook forever? And you don’t know how to proceed it, right ?

All right, here I am going to take you to a close process of deleting Facebook account. Before moving on to deleting process of Facebook account, just make sure that you have made a copy of all your Facebook information in a file, because you may need all these things in future.

Deleting Facebook account is different from deactivating it. If you deactivate your account, it will not be seen to public. However, facebook always has a copy of your account. So, you can reactivate your account any time and it is easy. But when you delete your account completely, then there is no way to get access on it again.

If you are serious to delete Facebook forever, then you can simply go to a delete link to Facebook, which you can find simply login to your facebook account and then navigating the link “”. Before doing it, I would like to suggest you to be fully safe from all the distractions and privacy concerns of it. It can be done by deleting a few footprints that you’ve made in Facebook.

Step 01: Download and keep you Facebook information in a file
Dowload Facebook Data
Dowload Facebook Data

Once you delete your FB account, all information of Facebook like photos, videos, posts, contact info etc can not be accessed again. So you are required to download it before deleting your account. Here is how you can download your facebook information:-

  1. Login to you Facebook account.
  2. Click on padlock icon of top right corner beside quick help link.
  3. Now click on Settings>>General. Then, you will see a link “Download a Copy of you Facebook data”.
  4. After that, you should click that link and start downloading by click “Start My Archive” button.
  5. Finally, your data will be downloaded in zip file.
Step 02: Unlink apps from Facebook

Facebook has provided an API to login to any third party web apps through it. We use this API to sign up and login third party websites, applications, and games etc. It will save time and work of both users and developers. However, people may not know that giving permission to access Facebook account means that we are giving permission to developers to access our Facebook data. Basically, they can get access to our Facebook id, name, profile, friend list, post etc like public information.

Application Linked with Facebook
Application Linked with Facebook

Here is how you can remove all linked applications to your Facebook account:

  1. Just login to your FB account and click on Settings.
  2. Now go to Apps link, where you will all apps logged in with Facebook.
  3. After you are required to hover each app to see cross icon to unlink that application.

But the process of removing your information of Facebook does not end here. As if you have already logged in several websites, apps, and games through your account. So they may have been holding your information in their database. In order to remove all those content, you should directly contact them.

Step 03: Erase your Facebook History
Erase your facebook activity history
Facebook Activity Log

Facebook history may quite surprise you as it remains in it despite of deleting your account. Facebook policy have stated that advertisers will access your data even after they erase your personal information from it. However, without your permission, they can’t access your data. But why to take chance ? Lets just clear out all your activities from Activity Log.

Facebook keeps all your activities, such as likes, comments, posts, shares etc recorded. After you wipe out it, it ensures there is no information remained in Facebook. Lets see how you can remove your activity logs:

  1. Login to you FB account and click on profile.
  2. Click “View Activity Log” right of your profile.
  3. Now click on pencil icon to undo all the actions what you have done before, such as like, comment, share, tag etc.
Step 05: Remove yourself from Facebook forever

Now, you are nearly safe and you can delete your Facebook account as you have already downloaded your Facebook data, erase out all history, and unlinked third party apps.

delete facebook account

In the last stage, you need to navigate the link “”. Then, you will see following page. Finally, click on “Delete my account”. Now you have 14 days to regain your account access. So don’t login to your account for 14 days in order to delete your account forever. However, it takes about a month to delete your account, according to Facebook Data Policy.

Warning: All above steps are advised to delete your Facebook information and account forever. So follow above steps with your own understanding and responsibility.