Before I completed my bachelor level, I used to think that I am dumbest person who does not know how to code. In that time, I was only reading books for exam preparation. After completion of the bachelor level, then I got a real problem that I was not getting any job opportunity even as an intern. I just went door to door of few companies, but I got rejected. Then I got realized that I was doing wrong that I was only reading book but not doing any real time programming.

In fact, I had learnt several programming language and I knew the coding strategies, but I did not have confident in my programming. That was only because of the lack of real time programming. By the way, my learning was only focused on exam preparation. After being rejected by all companies, then I determined to become a good programmer which was an absolute challenge to me. Of course, I have an determination but I was still confused on choosing the programming language. Finally, I chose PHP programming and started learning hardly. I started learning online like in YouTube and other website which provide lesson visually, verbally and textually. It take around 3-4 months to me to become a good programmer in PHP, but I am still in intermediate phase.

Generally, I am now working in several PHP frameworks like laravel, wordpress and Codeigniter etc. Among all of them, I found laravel is best. Its routing and security are better than any other PHP frameworks. I use wordpress to make websites. And I use laravel to develop web application.

Now, I think, learning a programming language is never a late. If you think, it is late to you to become a good programmer, then I say that you are a dumbest one. So start learning coding now and let people know that you are a good programmer.