Want to rank a keyword a top of Search Engine? Then, start avoiding bad practices of Search Engine Optimization and take a healthy seo strategy. If you are still following old algorithm like mass link building and do follow commenting, then it will be risky for your site. Instead of increasing your site rank, it will decrease your site’s status on web. Google has been improving its search algorithm day by day. It literally does not want to lose its customers suggesting ugly and incomplete websites.

Here are some great tips that will help you to rank a keyword on a top list of Google.

Protect website from hackers

Choose Right Keyword as a Topic

Keyword plays key roles on site ranking. That is why, before writing on, you must choose right keyword as a topic. Although it is easy to rank wrong keywords, they can not bring much audience in your blog. In order to find right topic, you can use google keyword planner or simply google’s search engine.

smartphone search status in google
smartphone search status in google

As shown in above picture, you can see mostly searched list of keywords in Google. So you can choose one among them as your writing topic.

Healthy Content:

Content is king

Every search engine prefers healthy content, and it is indeed the king forever. Many SEO expertise suggest to make an article up to 700 – 800 words. But I do not think Google has any rule like this. However, it will be better if your article’s length is minimum of 600 words. In fact, reaching threshold quantity of article doesn’t mean that article is healthy. To make your content healthy, in first you should have good knowledge of a topic chosen by you. Notice some key point of that topic and just write the fact, and do not post copied content. By the way, search engine finds copy content worst one. So create an original content focusing on readers’ choice.

Before 5 – 6 years, keyword density used to play great role but it is now irrelevant. Don’t put keyword unnecessarily high in your article.

Add Meta Description

Add a suitable meta description for your content. Meta description denotes description of description. It should not be higher than 160 characters. Keep in mind that your meta description should be of a complete sentence.

Add Internal Linking

Internal Linking is also very important, but it should not be used unnecessarily out of context. It means, only add an internal link if a keyword is relevant with any other topic.

Use SEO Friendly URL

Many bloggers use post id as an URL, but it does not seem to be good for SEO. Search Engine only finds it right one, if url matches with title and its words are separated by hyphen and slash.

For instance:


Use Structured Data

Structured data is used to make readers understand the meaning of a specific web page. It can be simply got using microformats or schema. Both are used for same purpose. Basically, these are used for semantic mark up; it allows building semantic web. I personally don’t know whether structured data directly help to rank keyword on top or not but I can say that it indirectly attracts readers to come on a page and read it.

You can get proper explanation of structured data in google developers page.

I primarily follow above strategies which has been satisfying me for long time, and it is still working in my websites. If you guys have any better tips, just share it with us by using comment box below.