pubg mobile on pc

How to play PUBG Mobile on PC

PUBG mobile is currently the world’s most popular and widely played mobile game available in Play Store and App Store. Its daily active users are about 30 millions, whereas more than 100 millions people have already downloaded […]

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Laravel CRUD Application - For Beginners

Laravel CRUD Application for Beginner – Scratch

Before kick off developing advance application in Laravel, you should clearly understand the basics of Laravel CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete operation). In this lesson, I would like to create a basic CRUD application in Laravel […]

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Xiaomi Mobile Price in Nepal

Xiaomi (Mi) Mobile Price in Nepal

Xiaomi, the best known as Mi Mobile is one of the most popular Chinese electronics company. It produces several electronic devices while smartphone is its main and popular product all over the world. Xiaomi Mobile shares comparatively […]

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Samsung Price in Nepal

Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal

In Nepal, Samsung is one of the most popular smartphones among the smartphone users since it comes with price of budget to higher range. It covers about 40% of market share to become no. 1 mobile brand […]

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